Combinatorial Games Conferences and Workshops

I often have to look up websites of old CGT meetings and remind myself about dates and talks in future events. I'll keep this up as a list of CGT events.

In addition to the events listed below, there is a continuing virtual seminar that began during the COVID-19 pandemic: Virtual CGT Seminar.

You can help me add Past, Current, and Future events by sending me info about them. The most helpful way to provide the info for me is to format it in JavaScript:

events.push(new Conference("Conference Title", createDate(day, month, year), conferenceLengthInDays, conferenceURL));

Example: Here's how I created and added the entry for Games at Dal 2016:

events.push(new Conference("Games at Dal 2016", createDate(10, 7, 2016), 4, ""));

To create an event that has no website, just leave off that last parameter:

events.push(new Conference("Games at Dal 2015", createDate(11, 7, 2015), 4));

Note that JavaScript months start with January as 0, not 1.